provides a unique web-based hack tool, which works at a level that’s unmatched by any other website on the internet today. It took us months of research, development and testing to finally be able to create the stable Roblox Hack that hundreds of thousands of people use today. Though its as simple as filling out a few fields such as your Username, and selecting the amount of Robux you want, our tool is a lot more complicated then it looks, on the technical side. Read on to find out how our tool actually works!

Adding Free Robux

How it Works?

Our program is actually a unique combination of our hacking engine and an anti-ban engine that work together. Whenever a user places a request using our web-based software, an instance of our hack tool is created on our server to serve the user. The hacking engine then chooses the target server and vulnerability that has to be exploited, and exploits it to gain control over their gaming systems. The anti-ban engine runs concurrently throughout the process, making sure that your account is always safe and intact. The hacking engine that performs an anonymous transaction which credits the requested items to your gaming account, and deletes all traces of the transaction and exits the victim leaving it in the original state. Our generator works on any account regardless of the location and platform, you can also use the proxy feature for added protection.

Roblox Hack Screenshot

Safety and Security:

Your entries on our website are always encrypted, so the information would be rendered inaccessible and useless, even when the hack tool fails to complete a request in a critical situation, this gives our software a higher level of fault-tolerance while still keeping your account safe. The entries you’ve made on our website are almost instantaneously wiped after your request has been processed. Remember that the entries are also wiped from our servers whenever you close your web browser, which means you need to start over again, every time you reopen your browser.


We guarantee complete safety to your gaming account and we’re proud to let you know that over a hundred thousand people use our services every day to add free in-game items to their Roblox accounts successfully! Our advanced resource management algorithm ensures that all the users’ requests get served while still keeping our system in a safe state. You can also write to us if you’ve had any issue or trouble using our software, and we’ll respond with a resolution as soon as possible!

Updates, Upgrades and Maintenance:

As we provide a web-based software, updates are automatically done on our servers, which means our users get to use the latest public version of our software every time they visit our website, without having to download anything. Using a web-based software also helps you save time, and keeps your device safe from malware and other harmful software. All the requests placed on our program when our servers are under maintenance are automatically redirected into a pending queue, which are processed eventually. Our method of software distribution ensures that our users always get the latest software without having to download and install any files or update existing software.