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Square bottom portable paper bag machine application industr

2019-09-05 16:45


Square bottom portable paper bag machine application industr.

The square bottom portable paper bag machine is mainly used for packaging of garment products, packaging of boots, packaging of various gifts, corporate image promotion bags, etc. Because it is easy to carry and easy to degrade, it can recycle recycled paper, reduce air pollution and protect the environment. Therefore, it has become one of the most useful green environmental protection products. The development of paper bag machinery has presented electromechanical, gas, liquid and light. The trend of magnetic integration, high production efficiency, product energy saving and recycling, high-tech practical, intelligent and so on have become a trend.


  There are two main types of square-bottomed paper bag machines on the market: one is a roll-type portable paper bag machine; the other is a single-sheet portable paper bag machine. Both devices are equipped with automatic paper feeding, automatic gluing, automatic paste bottom, and automatic output. However, there are still some shortcomings; first, after the finished paper bag is completed, there is an indentation on the front of the paper bag, which affects the appearance of the product; second, the finished paper bag needs to manually paste a bottom paper on the bottom of the bag to enhance the strength of the bottom of the paper bag; The handle of the paper bag needs to be manually pasted; the fourth is the low production efficiency, about 40-60 per minute;

  Fifth, the range of paper is limited, and the paper weight is between 70-200g/m2. In the shortcomings of the domestic paper bag machine, the equipment in Germany and Japan have basically solved the above problems. The purpose of MTED square bottom paper bag machine development is to achieve or approach the world advanced level and promote the development of domestic square bottom paper bag machine.

  The first is the variety of products and the number of complete sets. Most of the domestic production is mainly single-machine, while most of the foreign countries are supporting production, and few single machines are sold. On the one hand, the varieties of domestically produced equipment cannot meet the needs of domestic food and packaging enterprises. On the other hand, the profit of single-machine production and sales of machinery factories is meager, and the high efficiency of sales of complete sets of equipment cannot be obtained. The complete set of equipment represents a more complete manufacturing capability, representing more intelligent and efficient.

  The technical content of the machine is also relatively low, mainly due to poor product reliability, slow technology update, and less application of new technologies, new processes and new materials. China's paper bag machines and packaging machinery have more single machines, fewer sets, more general-purpose models, and fewer equipments to meet special requirements and special materials. There are many products with low technical content, few products with high technology added value and high productivity, and intelligent equipment is still in the development stage or preliminary use stage.

  Insufficient development capability leads to slow development and application of new technologies. For the current paper bag machine manufacturers in China, the main focus is on imitation, or the localization of all foreign advanced equipment is improved, and development research is not mentioned. Our development methods are backward, and product development lacks innovation and is difficult to level. Production methods are backward. New product development is not only small, but also has a long development cycle. There are also some problems in the management of enterprises. Many enterprises pay attention to production and despise the research and development of technology. They always follow the market and have no ability to lead the development direction of technology.

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