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How is the portable paper bag produced? What are the require

2019-09-05 16:48


How is the portable paper bag produced? What are the require.


  Regarding the portable paper bag, I believe that everyone is familiar with it, and we often use it. This is a very environmentally-friendly paper bag. So, today, I will tell you how to make a portable paper bag. I hope to help you to have a deeper understanding of the portable paper bag. Understanding.


  Hand-held paper bag with carrying and storage functions. Today, it is widely used in clothing, food, footwear, gifts, tobacco and alcohol, medicine and other categories of goods packaging. It is also one of the forewords of the best visual mobile communication company image, with a relatively high level and quality, so the production requirements are higher.

  First, the commonly used paper for handbag printing

  1. Most of the papers used for printing on handbags are 157g/m2 and 200g/m2 coated paper. In addition, 120g/m2 and 140g/m2 white or yellow kraft paper are also used.

  If the handbag needs to be loaded with heavier goods, it is also possible to use 300g/m2 coated paper or 300g/m2 or more. If you want to further strengthen the strength of the handbag, you can cover the film according to your needs, contact the handbag planning, and put a layer of light or matt film, which makes the handbag more delicate.

  2. White Kraft Paper is widely used in the printing and manufacturing of handbags because of its toughness and environmental protection.

  3. The color expression of the coated paper is strong, so the planning style of the handbag can also be unique. In terms of printing technology, all the techniques in modern printing can be expressed on a small handbag.

  Second, paper bag planning

  Planning the tote bag, the primary energy may be placed on how to make the tote bag special, printed and exquisite, can give people a deep image, and now, the ability to repeatedly use, environmentally friendly features and other features are also considered by the planners.

  The company's handbag planning usually requires concise and generous. The front of the handbag planning and printing process is usually based on the company's logo and company name. Perhaps with the company's operating philosophy, it should not be too messy to deepen consumers' products or products. The image, get a good publicity effect, the handbag planning prints on the expansion of the sale, the establishment of brand-name, affecting the purchase to enhance competitiveness has a great effect.

  Third, the paper bag scale

  The handbags of many goods are only made arbitrarily according to the scale of their products. Usually, many products are not processed in the processing bag, and the size of the bag at the time of packaging is not taken into consideration, so it cannot be prevented from being printed in the tote bag. It will be ruined.

  When printing factories plan bags for customers, they should try to be close to their scales and try to prevent them from being ruined.

  For example:

  The scale of the opposite: 400*300*80 (mm), this scale is not ruined, a full-open paper can be made into two bags, and it is also more cost-effective to print, just to be able to print with the split machine. If the customer wants to make a scale of 400*320*100 (mm), this is a big scale and there is no dross, but if it is done 400*300*150(mm), it will not work. The dross is contrasting. First, there is dross on the paper. Second, there are also bad prints. In addition, the cost of post-processing is also higher. Because the handbag of this scale can only be made into double-adhesive.

  Fourth, paper bag forming

  After printing, the film is coated, and then the hole is threaded (usually nylon rope or cotton rope is used, and some thin paper bags are often used as paper rope), and the tote bag can be formed (for example, when the size of the tote bag is large, the rope hole is required) Reinforce the rivet to resist tension)


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Regarding the portable paper bag, I believe that everyone is familiar with it, and we often use it. This is a very environmentally-friendly paper bag. So, today, I will tell you how to make a portable ...

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