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The advantages of digital paper bag machine

2019-09-05 16:48


The advantages of digital paper bag machine.



In modern life, our consumption of paper bags is huge. When we buy clothes, merchants often provide paper bags for the convenience of customers. When we buy small decorations, the merchants often provide paper bags. In order to meet the huge demand, we use a highly automated paper bag machine. The so-called paper bag machine is the equipment used to produce paper bags. Let's take a closer look at the Introduction to the Advantages and Functions of Digital Paper Bag Machines .


[The superiority of digital paper bag machine]


Digitization is the overall development trend of the current machinery. After the digital transformation of the paper bag machine, the equipment can be provided with more capacity, and many functions that were previously impossible, such as multi-system integration, remote control and maintenance, can be started. Just introduce the new features of the digital paper bag opportunity.


Perhaps a few years ago, people did not expect such changes in paper bag machine equipment. As the speed of modernization of mechanical equipment became faster and faster, digital packaging machines accounted for the previous mechanical or electromechanical packaging machines. The space is smaller. Now let's take a look at the control and drive technology of the digital paper bag machine. The fully electronic third-generation machine has all the advantages of servo technology and sets new industry standards. Digital packaging machinery not only provides greater throughput and greater equipment flexibility, but also adds many new features such as remote maintenance, integration with the company's ERP system , and evaluation of production data.


Data sharing and remote maintenance are functions that only digital devices can achieve. In order to cater to different customers' customized packaging machinery, suppliers design different controllers. Therefore, standardization not only enables different manufacturers to exchange key components with each other, but also frees users from dependence on a manufacturer's proprietary technology. The so-called open control structure will undoubtedly have greater flexibility.


With the birth of remote maintenance, fast information exchange saves working hours and travel expenses, and mechanical failures can be solved online, reducing downtime. The equipment adjustment required to replace the product or packaging material also requires remote tuning for software adjustment. Ideally, the digital paper bag machine is equipped with a wireless system that can be connected to an external transmission medium to control the supply of automatic packaging materials. Of course, this function has not yet been implemented, and we believe that as the digital process continues to advance, these functions Will be gradually realized.


With the deepening of the globalization of the market, the regulations for different products are different. After the digital transformation of the paper bag machine equipment, our quality assurance system will be greatly improved to meet the new requirements. Only by establishing high-quality products can companies achieve good development.



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