Terms and Conditions

One of our core values is to protect the privacy of each user of our tool. The privacy policy we have in place will keep you up to date with how we can do this for you. This page is also subject to change at any given time, so please keep that in mind when viewing. Policies can change and update over time, so be aware of that. We would also like to point out that any choices made by each individual is not our issue. There is only so much we can do, and in the laws we have set down, we can police. Anything away from these matters are out of out hands. If you have any concerns with the privacy policy in place, do not hesitate to visit the contact page.

We recommend to be savvy when entering information into any 3rd party websites. We are not responsible for advertised websites that may appear on Robuxed.com. There is no protection there from our end, only on our own website. Any links that redirect you away from this site, is a different issue. All we can tell you is we will never share, sell or store any user information. It is all confidential in our system and wipes upon use of the tool.

Information wipes from the system in stages in short time after using the hack tool. This should never take more than a matter of minutes to keep your data anonymous. We do store information such as IP addresses though. This is only for the use of statistical data and is not shared away from here. There is no need to worry over data leaks as we have a strong record of preventing this sort of action.

Any data you can input here, such as on polls, newsletters or polls stays here. It is all encrypted and safe within our servers and only serves as a benefit to us both. We want to maintain a safe environment with the best possible performance. Your input helps for us to achieve this goal and keep it in place. If you plan on changing your usual routine here please check this page daily. We don’t want to put you in a situation that you could avoid by keeping up to date with our pages.

It is easy enough to unsubscribe from anything voluntary and opt-out at will. There are no binding contracts that force you into staying with something you don’t want. There are often notes placed on the homepage to display any significant changes. We provide updates on a regular basis and make sure to highlight those for ease of navigation.

We hope that this is a simple enough conclusion for you all to take in. We are happy to answer any significant questions surrounding the privacy policy. The details are all here but we can always bring assurances to any worries. Keeping this website in peak condition is a top priority and we’d love if you can enjoy and respect the policy.